Lovina Love



I found this blog in my drafts.  I wrote it while I was in Lovina, Bali in October last year.  I was in such a good space, having just done my third retreat in 3 months.  The beach or any place in nature is a place where I can truly access heartspace.  The quote is something I wrote at a retreat in Taupo.  It still resonates with me.

October 2014 ……So anyway I can confirm that the best way to write a blog is after 2 hours of deep tissue massage and reflexology,  while getting a pedicure (but before deep cleansing clay mask)…Getting up at 2am to climb a volcano to see a spectacular surprise is also acceptable inspiration.

This is my third full day in Lovina and I feel like I’ve been here forever.  I’ve taken to a dreamy schedule of walks on the beach, yoga, meditation, swimming and blogging.  Every evening I meet Putu my fruit lady and Evi on the beach at 5.30pm. Putu peels mangos and opens the young coconut that she scoured the market looking for for me that afternoon.  We watch the sunset with the gathering crowd of locals and tourists, and talk about how much fruit Putu sold that day. Our feet in the sand, the last vestiges of the sun drifting away and children playing in the water.

Mostly everyone here is called Putu, Made, or Wayan.  This makes things very challenging in my contacts list:

Made the photographer

Made the driver

Putu the fruit lady

Putu the manager of the villas

However, you can be sure there’s a 1 in 3 chance of getting their name correct!

Made the Photographer  You know the story of Made the photographer who invited me to the Balinese wedding?  I visited his shop.   He invited me in.  He’d bought a bag full of mangos for me, which he expertly cut up for us to share lunch.  I expressed my disappointment to Made that while all the coconut trees were chocka with nuts, noone was selling young coconuts anywhere…so off we went on a little adventure to a little village to find me my coconut…such is the way things are done in Lovina.

Evi the midwife  I first met Evi when I was haggling with Putu for my mangosteens.  The second night she bought me some amazing Balinese snacks to try.  Then we went for a little adventure on her scooter to a Warung (local outside eatery)  for dinner with locals.  $2.50 for 2 of us – including iced tea – ka-ching!  As we were saying goodbye she exclaimed that she loved me like her sister.  Also she wondered if I’d like to marry her brother – he’s a good man after all!!????????

Made the driver  After the hike, we dropped some friends to Amed and it was just myself and Made the driver, who was dropping me back to Lovina.  The conversation went something like this:

M-There was no talking at 2am when I pick you up

K – No, we were very sleepy

M– Because they were in the back

K – (puzzled..wheres this going??)

M – You are not tourist

K – what do you mean?

M – You are too skinny and brown. Tourists are fat and white. This hard to say, but think you are very beautiful.  You are normal. I am normal. I not have girlfriend.  I think I love you.  We can get married. Tomorrow you meet parents. You teach yoga from my house.

K – (stop the bus.  Whaaat???!!!)  Ahhhhh  ummm…….beautiful weather today…how about that view??

Sending you some Lovina magic!

Ponicorn x