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The emotions are considered the major internal causes of disease in TCM. (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Emotional activity is seen as a normal, internal, physiological response to stimuli from the external environment. Within normal limits, emotions cause no disease or weakness in the body. However, when emotions become so powerful that they become uncontrollable and overwhelm or possess a person, then they can cause serious injury to the internal organs and open the door to disease. It is not the intensity as much as the prolonged duration or an extreme emotion, which causes damage. While Western physicians tend to stress the psychological aspects of psychosomatic ailments, the pathological damage to the internal organs is very real indeed and is of primary concern of the TCM practitioner

I sent this out to a few friends and family members recently:

People mainly think that health is eating healthy food..with some exercise…neglecting the emotional…Is this true?

The answers were wide and varied.  Some chose to focus on the food and ignore any mention of the emotional component.  This is interesting to me when I contextualise my last 18 months.

I wasn’t sick, run down or fatigued before this moment in time.  Sudden loss has all the symptoms of any other serious trauma – this is a fact.
Would you believe me when I tell you that this sudden loss was captured by my body at a cellular level?  ie my highly charged emotional state resulted in disease?  I’m not talking about just sadness and depression.   I’m talking about nervous and hormone systems and internal organs.

Would you believe me if I told you my kidneys represent my fear, my liver represents my anger and my lungs represent my sadness.

Would you believe me if I told you my fear around lack of security – the sense of survival – is causing my mudlahara, my root chakra, my foundation to wobble?

Would you believe that the chaos in my mind was reflected in my blood?

Would you believe me if I told you at a Soul level I invited all of this in, that my path towards SOMETHING is being formed through my experience?

If the mind can heal the body, but the body cannot heal the mind, then the mind must be stronger than the body. Every miracle demonstrates this

  ‘A course in miracles’

Alternative medicine is a bit hopeless at the serious end of disease.  Too little too late in most cases.  It is in fact a lifestyle choice..a preventative.  Determining the onset of serious illness requires listening skills.  The signs can be vague and commonly dismissed.

Of course we can identify the outcomes of common chronic disease by these familiar names – the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, IBS, leaky bowel and thyroid disorders.

But…what if ALL diseases started with a single thought?  What if acne was caused by unsupressed anger.  What if cancer was caused by 30 years of depression and hopelessness?  Would you believe me?

Is all disease preventable?

And  if it is,  where is the stick by which we measure perfect health and whose protocol do we use?  Or do we just suffer on alone searching for remedies and cures?

There is simply too much information in the unisphere (thats a new ponicornism 😉 to intellectualise everything and verify any blanket conclusion….or is there?

Before I go on…let me change gears for a bit…

In a separate conversation on Fear and Anger.  The question was:

Is all fear behind anger?  If so what are you afraid of?

My answer:

Anger is a feeling that is a provocation and an opportunity.  A chance to look inside and observe what person or situation stirred up a reaction in you.  It always comes back to the reaction in yourself and the awareness of the learning thats presented.  Anyone who angers you is your master and your mirror.

Fear is not a feeling.  Its of the mind, therefore an illusion.

But what of anger?  Anger is an emotion that is stored in the liver.  The liver is the bodies largest internal organ.  It is literally the core of chinese medicine and for good reason.  It filters out all the shit that gets poured into the body.  By shit I don’t just mean alcohol, drugs, sugar and processed food.  I mean emotions.

There is no doubt you can f*ck up your body by mistreating it using either method.  But its the mind stuff that interests me.

Take anxiety as an example.  It affects all of the Zang organs.
The spleen for obsessing and over thinking.
The lungs for grief, self esteem and the inability to let go.
The liver, anger, frustration and the inability to let go.
The kidneys fear and phobias.

Anxiety almost always leads to kidney deficiencies because its related to FEAR which is a water deficiency.   And yet anxiety affects multiple organs and in fact the whole body.

In my head I write protocols.  Every minute of everyday I think about a recipe for common chronic, sometimes terminal illness.  If I open my kitchen drawers I find 101 different remedies, supplements and potions.  Yes I’ve learned a lot.  But is it of any use.  Am I just wasting my time?

None of us can afford to spend $12 on chia seeds, but somehow we’ve had to resort to superfoods to keep us going and amp us up because our lives have ACCELERATED.  We are turbo charged, so we must turbo charge our energy.

But…let me take a minute…stop…look inward…change tack…FEEL my body…FEEL the wind on my skin…access the present moment with my breath…observe any contraction or tightness in my body…feel any anxiety in my abdomen…sense tight muscles in my head and neck…experience the swirling chaos in my forehead…unlock my chest, activate my diaphragm, BREATHE from my belly, filling it long and slow then exhaling the longest slowest breath that I’ve ever exhaled.

All of a sudden I feel energy in my feet and legs.  But the rest of me…those tough spots need to be twisted, squeezed and oxygenated out of the tissue.  ie exercise.

In the last 5 minutes I’ve literally diagnosed myself… through a very brief meditation.

1.  Movement required…cardio…yoga…qi gong..
2.  Abdomen tight and full…green juice…probiotics…twists and stretches to stimulate stomach meridians.
3.  Tight neck, crown, shoulders …anxiety, stress or worry…journel…ask the question? Whats causing this?  Look into the reason why… massage…breath

…is literally ‘listening’ to our body, deciphering its messages and taking action on them.

While food, exercise and lifestyle have an impact on health, I can confirm in my experience that exposing your body to long term ‘over thinking’ does not assist regeneration.  And if thoughts are negative in nature…doubt, insecurity, anger, sadness, this could just be the precursor to ALL chronic and serious illness.

Would you believe me if the frenetic pace at which our lives are lived has contributed to an epidemic?

Disease of the mind.

PS I should note that writing is creative and,  as long as it doesn’t require research, is therapeutic as it shifts paralysed thoughts.  Talking Helps, So Does Writing.
James Pennebaker found that the value of expressing deep feelings stemmed first from the willingness to confront the disturbing emotions. By confrontation, he means actively thinking and talking about the experiences and acknowledging the feelings they’ve stirred. Putting those feelings into words makes it easier to understand what has happened and eventually assimilate it into one’s life.




Acidosis and Ozone therapy

It would be fair to say that when researching this article, the traditional Western theory behind acidosis was very scientific and rather boring.  I’m particularly interested in acidosis because, frankly, my body is in pain.  I’m stiff, and every muscle is sore.  I haven’t really done too much exercise, and I’ve had A LOT of massage, including lymphatic massage, which should have released any toxins in the body so its not the cause of this pain.  Its more than likely a low immune system thats caused my body to revolt, resulting in these puzzle pieces…

  • Unhappy blood with parasites,  65% efficiency
  • Difficulty breathing with the diaphragm, shortness of breath
  • Overly sore muscles
  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Past chronic liver issues
  • Pancreas compromised
  • Constipation
  • Hypertension

…it all adds up to acidosis.  In fact mild acidosis is pretty common.  But while I’ve been putting up with the pain for awhile, its  survivable.  But who wants to just survive?  I want to fly!

Before I launched into a multi pronged attack on acidosis, I wanted to get my facts straight.   This came about after my massage therapist gave me some reflexology.  Ketut is balinese.  He’s pretty cool.  He said to me ‘your digestion and pancreas is serious…drink water…..’  In the scheme of things, I’d like to think that my prognosis can’t be too serious if the treatment plan is to drink 8 glasses of water a day!  Given the high levels of humidity in Bali, the high levels of fungus, mould and bacteria in Bali and the fact that the human body is made up of over 70% water I guess that along with eliminating sugar, keeping hydrated is a no brainer.

Types of acidosis

Perfectly balanced blood has a ph of 7.4.  When body fluids contain too much acid and the lungs and kidneys can’t work to bring the body back into balance, this is known as acidosis.  There are two types of acidosis, metabolic and respiratory.

  1. Metabolic is when you’re kidneys can’t eliminate acid build up.
  2. Respiratory is when your lungs can’t eliminate carbon dioxide effectively.

What causes acidosis?

  • chronic airway conditions, like asthma
  • injury to the chest
  • obesity, which can make breathing difficult
  • sedative misuse, including overuse of alcohol
  • muscle weakness in the chest
  • problems with the nervous system
  • deformed chest structure

Metabolic acidosis

There are three major forms of metabolic acidosis:

  1. Diabetic acidosis occurs in people with poorly managed diabetes. Ketones build up in the body and acidify the blood.
  2. Hyperchloremic acidosis results from a loss of sodium bicarbonate. This base helps to keep the blood neutral. Both diarrhea and vomiting can cause this type of acidosis.
  3. Lactic acidosis occurs when there is too much lactic acid in your body. Many things can cause a buildup of lactic acid. These include chronic alcohol use, heart failure, cancer, seizures, liver failure, prolonged lack of oxygen, and low blood sugar. Even prolonged exercise can lead to lactic acid buildup or if your body has been fighting an overwhelming infection or even big drops in blood pressure.


Respiratory Acidosis

  • fatigue
  • becoming tired easily
  • confusion
  • shortness of breath
  • sleepiness

Metabolic Acidosis

  • rapid and shallow breathing
  • confusion
  • fatigue
  • headache
  • sleepiness
  • lack of appetite
  • breath that smells fruity – this is a sign of diabetic acidosis/ketoacidosis

Self diagnosis

Sounds to me like Lactic acidosis.  It fits in with my seesawing blood sugar levels and compromised pancreas, kidneys and chronic liver issues and all the symptoms that go with it.

Ok – so now you’ve had the sciencey stuff, heres a little timeline:

In 1895, Louis Pasteur, the founder of medical microbiology, declared in his dying words, “The germ is nothing, the inner terrain is everything”

In 1931, German biochemist, Dr Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel prize for his theory that the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.’

In 1933, William Hay published a book claiming that disease is caused by autotoxification due to acidosis in the body.

In 1991, Theodore Baroody published his book, Alkalize or Die, which states ‘The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…too much tissue acid waste in the body!’

I want to concentrate on Dr Warburgs work.  After all he was a tiny bit smart.  He would have received a second Nobel prize if Hitler hadn’t been such an a*shole.

In laymans terms, Warburgs theory hypothesised that the cells of a cancerous patient, DO NOT have effective oxygen respiration i.e. not enough oxygen is received in order for the cell to perform the myriad of tasks that it requires in order to remove waste from the body.  The wastes could be lactic acid in muscle or in the case of yeast infection, ethanol or carbon dioxide.

What does this mean?  For whatever reason, the cells aren’t working properly, resulting in disease.   In order to get the cells functioning again, a treatment plan needs to be put in place, depending on the type of acidosis.

This all fits in nicely with the theory I learned from Michael last year in August when I did my first fast.  Disease forms from acidity in the body.

But why does acidity occur in the first place?

In my January blog I also stated that all Dis-ease first begins in the mind.  I want to extend on this theory, as I’ve learned a bit more since January.

If my thoughts, words and actions are not in alignment, my body cannot maintain homeostasis.  A push and pull is created in the body between the mind and the heart.  The body is in chaos.  It brings new meaning to the term thinking to death.  Some of us are a little more sensitive to this than others.  The body, being a true compass of our Soul’s desire, will start to reflect this immediately and send warning signals.  The warning signals are represented as acidity in the tissues and blood.  Acidosis.

Disease and cure from a spiritual and emotional perspective

I wrote a blog at the start of the year that has become the foundation for my journey back to perfect health – homeostasis.  Its really very simple and can be reflected as:

Earth, Wind, Fire, Rain, Ether.

Nature simply cannot operate without the elements.  We are animals.  We cannot operate without the elements.  What are the basic necessities of life?  I was taught in economics that we all require shelter, clothing, food.

But the one thing that we cannot survive 10 minutes without is oxygen.  Then water.  We will starve and eventually expire without sunlight.  Do I need to go on?

Through the perils of modern life, our sympathetic nervous system is constantly switched on.  We are in flight or fight mode.  Our reptilian brain has frozen us and we cannot move.  We cannot breathe.  And here lies the reason behind modern day disease – anxiety, stress and depression.

This does not happen overnight.  It happens over a long period of time.  The body starts sending signals that its moving away from homeostasis.  First it hints – maybe a twinge of pain.  Then it cries out, giving you a push, maybe an event that puts you in bed for a few days.  Then it really gets wild and makes you suffer.  Eventually… death.

Most of us are accustomed to being in a constant state of anguish, so we get used to it.  Some of us can actually survive for quite some time in this state.  But some of us can’t.  And we soldier on until it brings us to our knees…

…And this is the time we sit up and take notice.  Now ain’t that fked up?

If you suspect you have acidosis or you’ve been diagnosed, don’t wait to be treated.  If treated early, a full recovery is likely.

Treatment of Acidosis

Western medicine would typically use drugs to treat a severe case of acidosis.  As a preventative, don’t smoke, cut out sugar, hydrate etc.  But what about from an alternative method? Call me old fashioned, but I’d like to think I could get my oxygen from breathing.

But I’m afraid not many of us remember what it truly feels like to breathe and for our cells to be fully oxygenated.  I certainly didn’t.  The best ways I know how to assist the body to remember (without being hooked up to a oxygen bottle) are cardio exercise, breath work, yoga and ozone therapy.  I haven’t tried a hyperbaric chamber, but I’d like to. My theory is that its always good to give the body a hit of the good stuff before maintaining the resultant healthy state with maintenance.  In this scenario, ozone is the hit, and the rest are the maintenance exercises.  For chronic and terminal illnesses a course of Ozone is likely to be recommended, maybe alongside additional supplementation like high dose Vitamin C and possibly Vitamin B6, B12, B complex and D3.

I’ve had a few sessions of Ozone which I mentioned in some of my earlier blogs last year.  I found them to be hugely beneficial and so relaxing.  I literally went into a meditative state and laxed out.  This was after my first ever coffee enema! (which by the way, had me looking at life through new eyes).  At that stage I was unaware I was growing a fibroid and a polyp, but I guess these treatments kept them under control.  They started to flourish again when I had a 6 week gap from treatments when I went home for Christmas.  As soon as I got back to Bali, and started my treatment program again, both the fibroid and polyp disappeared.  Of course ozone was not the only treatment plan I had in place.

What is Ozone?   Ozone gas (O3) is not a new invention.  It was discovered in the mid 19th century and has been used effectively since then.  It consists of a molecule of three atoms of oxygen which is administered rectally, vaginally, intravenously or via the ears.

Ozone deactivates bacteria, viruses, fungus, yeast and protozoa by stimulating oxygen metabolism and activating the immune system.  During World War one, doctors reportedly used O3 to treat wounds topically, curing infection and inflammation.

Interesting fact: Genius inventor, Nikola Tesla patented the first O3 generator in the US in 1896, later forming the “Tesla Ozone Company

If disease stems from the mind, why can’t I set an affirmation to cure it?

Well you can.  And if your thoughts, words and actions are all in alignment, it will work.  But if you have spent 20 years getting sick, then it’s highly likely that seeds of doubt are likely to enter your mind.  Our minds are tricky.  Unless we feed them information that makes sense, they don’t want to align with our intuition. So if we can persuade them with new information that makes sense to us, that makes us believe, then at the very least, that 30% placebo effect will take place.  I say attack it from all angles.

After all, what else do we have, if we don’t have our health?


I’m not a doctor.  This blog is written purely from personal experience.  Please do your own research and form your own opinions and seek the advice of a trusted practitioner on your own personal situation.  I do not accept liability for any actions you may take on reading this blog.




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Alkalize or die

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