Full moon undulations


One of the culprits – yoghurt, black doris plums and LSA

In the last 24 hours I’ve eaten half a loaf of rye sourdough.  I have food regret.  Yesterday I ate everything in my path.  I chowed down on noodles, chocolate, plums, multiple portions of porridge with coconut cream and toast with honey, toast with butter and salt, toast with butter, salt and parmesan.  It was all good food – organic, wholefood, mostly vegan…but… its still calories and I NEVER eat bread WTF ??!

I rolled into bed at some ungodly hour.

I woke up full, bloated and with my period.  Ohhhhh.. now I get it:) Full moon this month was the 23rd February…2 days late!    While pulling my suitcase apart to find my mooncup, I came across my alkaline testing strips….I’m at 6…I’m usually a perfect balance of 7…ick…


I’m sorry in advance.  This is so funny.

The full moon represents fire, abundance, power and vitality. It’s time to claim one’s own power, make decisions, work changes, and bring something into being.

The energy of full moon menstruation is outward, world-nourishing. Feasts and celebration go well with full moon bleeding.

So perhaps, I’m doing things ass about face again! …but … I feel like fasting – I never feel particularly hungry at this time of month and I feel like blogging about the moon because its freakin’ amazing how the menstruating population of the world are synced with the moon…gotta love mother nature…

This February snow moon in Virgo will help us to clear baggage and evaluate the turn of events since September.    It asks us to revisit events that have happened in the last 6 months, particularly issues that haven’t been resolved.  Now is the time to reap what we have sowed and to get grounded and clear on the path ahead.  This feels a bit more productive than the last new moon which was all about crisis management.

What do we need to pay attention to? What do we need to focus on right now? What finer details or clues are we ignoring?

Full moon fun

The full moon is a powerful time for me to release that which is no longer serving me, unburdening, purging, cleansing.  It’s time for me to LET GO and welcome in magical new opportunities.

Its time to do this in time for the new moon on the 9th March and the solar eclipse on 8th March, when its time for creative energies to inspire dreaming, building and expressions of the soul.  This point between Eclipse cycles is a magical time, a time where we are all collectively getting ready to start a new chapter, no matter where we are in our path.

Fire and water are my clearing tools today…a little ritual, burning all that I’m letting go of, cutting negative bonds, then, jumping in the lake, washing away the residues of yesterday…

PS then I’m cleaning out the garden growing in the gutters 😉



Cycle Harmony