Follow the sun..have fun…laugh…

gracie and kirsty up a tree

Sunrise at St Georges

Things seem stationary right now. The secret is not to push things; just let them happen. Later in the day, spend a little quiet time reflecting. You could be tempted to throw away some plans you had made in the hope of finding something better. Stick with it a little longer as there is some merit to the work you have already done.

The above is my horoscope for today.  Oh how life has changed!

I used to be a spreadsheet queen.  I was a planner.  A banker.

Now I prefer flexibility.  I prefer to be surprised about how my day will end.  I want to laugh, have fun, be grateful for every moment…and I want to know what my horoscope tells me about the day ahead…

I prefer to get up and watch the sunrise from a tree.  I prefer mornings like today when I can while away 2 hours in an Epsom salt bath relaxing and catching up with friends,  dreaming about my next adventure.

I feel like I need to reintroduce myself.  Hi everyone, my name is Kirsty.  Poni is the nickname my late hubby gave me.  I was appointed a Poni when Scotty came home one day to find me galloping around the lounge with my young nieces to the soundtrack of ‘My little Poni‘ – the movie.

Through my blog I’ve adopted the moniker Ponicorn.  Ponicorn is a hybrid of the person that I was and the person I’m becoming.  If you’re unsure what you should call me, I prefer Poni or Ponicorn because they’re fun and easy!

PLUS I’ve become just a little addicted to numerology, and Poni really resonates with me.  Check out this link to find out what your number and reading say for you!



This is a summary of me to date:

Husband dies suddenly.  Crisis of identity.  Quit job.  Depression.  Decision to live.  Fasting retreat.  Hope.  Inspiration.  Rediscovery of self.  Bali.  Spiritual journey.  Chaos.  Discension.  Confusion.   Home?  Family.  Friends?  Isolation.  Mending bridges.  A Calling.  Wanderlust.  Journey to Truth…………

“I don’t know if you know who you are until you lose who you are”

-Taylor Swift

Be prepared to yourself…

Last night I had a very funny conversation with my friend Julia.  We discovered that I have Spock-like tendencies.  That is, I get so caught up in the academia and purpose of what I’m doing, that I forget to laugh at myself.  Sometimes I just forget to live my life!  ……..So the nicknames, the tree climbing, the sunrises and the toys…they’re all to remind me to have fun, to lighten up, to feel rather than think.

PS – if you’re a Star trek geek like me and want to know what Star Trek crew member you’re most like, click here!

Find inspiration in the little things…

When I stayed in Bondi recently, my meanderings bought me to Byron at the Travel Cafe who introduced me to the BSBE (Best Sprouted Bread Eva).  Funnily enough he served it with avocado mash, which has turned out to be a staple meal for me in Aussie, where the avo’s are so cheap!  Click on the link to get the recipe for simple Avo Mash!

Avo mashup

He also introduced me to this song.  Follow the sun…..which chills me out and reminds me to turn off my devices and get out into nature.

Wishing you the BDE!!!!

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BDE – Best Day Eva – a David Wolfe saying