Milk & meat – a recipe for disease?

The China study is the most comprehensive study on nutrition by Dr T Colin Campbell.  6,500 chinese families are studied and he claims some 8,000 correlations around plant based nutrition and health.  I find these claims intriguing and have read on the counter claims too.  But for the purpose of this blog, I want to believe that there is one answer and a protocol for better health – plants.

Why do I feel the need to share?

Take a look at these statistics:

-90% of all diabetes worldwide is Type II.  ie preventable

-We join the USA, Malta and Spain as countries with the highest incidence of diabetes

-240,000 Kiwis have diabetes

-An estimated additional 100,000 may have it and are undiagnosed

-Maori and pacific islanders are 3 times more likely to have diabetes

-1.1 million kiwis are obese

-NZ women have the highest level of colon cancer in the OECD

-NZ men have the 3rd highest level of colon cancer in the OECD

We’ve all learned that high levels of bad cholesterol is unhealthy and lead to heart disease.  My own levels aren’t the best by my own standards but seem ok by western standards.  LDL is at 107 with the recommended optimal being below 100.  Total cholesterol is 176 with recommended optimal below 200. 
My GP says nothing to worry about..however…by whose stick is she measuring health? 

Normal ranges of cholesterol (the ones you see next to your blood test results) are western standards.  Cholesterol levels taken from the China study show ranges between 70-170 mg/dl.  Basically what the chinese considered to be high is a Western standard of LOW cholesterol.  

Lower blood cholesterol levels are linked to lower rates of heart disease, cancer and other Western diseases, even at levels far below those considered “safe” in the West.

As blood cholesterol levels decreased from 170 mg/ dL to 90 mg/ dL, cancers of the liver, rectum, colon, male lung,  female lung, breast, childhood leukemia, adult leukemia, childhood brain, adult brain,  stomach and esophagus (throat) decreased. The China study

Think on this for a minute… The results of the study correlated low ingestion of animal products with LOW rates of heart disease.  We aren’t just talking meat, this includes dairy products.

James Anderson, scientist on diabetes and diet found that a plant based, whole foods diet alone could lower total cholesterol levels by 32% in just over two weeks.

A key point to understand is that cholesterol is produced by the consumption of animal fat.  Cholesterol CANNOT be derived from eating plants.

And if you need more information, take a gander at the documentary ‘Simply raw’ by Gabriel Cousins..who is legendary in the raw world, an MD, holistic doctor and staunch advocate of a raw diet in curing a multitude of chronic illnesses including type II diabetes.

“Diabetes is a chronic disease that has no cure. “– The American Diabetes Association

The results of this Simply raw study hotly contest this statement.  A group of Type I and Type II diabetics are bought together and put on a raw food diet for 30 days.  The results are nothing short of astounding:

-blood sugar levels dropped between 65-214 points
-cholesterol levels dropped up to 60 points
-weight loss
-most dropped all insulin and medication

The best source of protein, having the best building blocks for the body is human flesh.  But since cannibalism is illegal and most of us don’t have the rapacious appetite of Hannibal Lector, we usually settle for some cow or lamb.

Of the 6,500 families over 65 counties surveyed, a higher level of animal based protein positively correlated with a high incidence of liver cancer.

Cassein – why milk could be for calves – not people
At the risk of being stopped at the border and not being allowed back into the country, the findings of the China study on milk (cassein) and its correlation with heart disease and cancer are integral.  In the following test rats were fed casein, derived from milk.

Rats generally live for about two years, thus the study was 100 weeks in length. All animals that were administered aflatoxin and fed the regular 20% levels of casein either were dead or near death from liver tumors at 100 weeks. All animals administered the same level of aflatoxin but fed the low 5% protein diet were alive, active and thrifty, with sleek hair coats at 100 weeks.  The China study

What conclusions do I draw after reading the China study?  I think we are all looking to be given the correct protocol so we don’t have to do the research ourselves into what works best for us.  I know I’d rather have that work done FOR me.  But alas, we are all unique, requiring unique protocols.  In my experience, actioning the health plan is always the hard part!

But there is a diet foundation that we can all build from.  And I think its simple.  More organic whole plant food, raw and cooked leads to better health.

From my own experience, when I was eating 80% raw organic last year I have NEVER felt better.  I was at my slimmest, I had the glow, my hair felt amazing and I had the flattest tummy ever…

So do meat and dairy cause cancer? Short answer is No.  Not by themselves.  But in excess and in conjunction with other poor nutrition, yes.  They are mucuous forming, acidic foods.  If you eat too much and you’re one of those unlucky sensitive (or you’re getting older, like me) peeps, then yes I’d cut them.  If you’re sick, I’d cut them.   Any imbalance in the body left unchecked WILL lead to disease.

All you can do is get regular health checks and eat many veges…and..

..find your inner Chinaman… they apparently have this sorted 🙂


Simply raw by Gabriel Cousins

The China study by Dr T Colin Campbell