The illusion – delusion 

I don’t ever remember feeling like ‘this life is not my life’  so many times in a month… 

I don’t remember ever rethinking and analysing the fakeness or the un-reality of everything before.

But now it happens constantly… Like I’m really just a shell in the matrix… Just like the movie… Nothing is real.  Everything is so so fked up…but in a completely hilarious way of course. 

It feels like the matrix is a bit like quick sand… it’s so easy to step into… And once you realise the mistake you feels too late. Every struggle pulls you in deeper. You can stop.  Stay.  Remain stuck.  What else can you do? 

Is there anyway to extract yourself from quicksand apart from asking for help?  Had anyone in the movies ever removed themselves single handedly from a sticky situation? 

It’s possible. 

Either way… What do you do when you get out? 

Cast a careless glance backwards and walk on… To the next matrix drama? 

Or sit awhile, pondering that narrow escape.  Take the learning and grow. 

Its intriguing.. The mind… And the places it takes us to… The worlds it creates.. Worlds of… 

Prison.  Pain… Freedom.. Suffering… Peace… 

They are all just an illusion.  A made up reality to keep sanity in check… Or maybe to release it

Where will you go little butterfly? . .. You’re too pretty to have your wings fluttering against a window pane… while the breeze catches their wings outside… 

#timeout #nextillusion


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