this road

Just lately, the world has felt like its suffocating me.

Because I’m overwhelmed.

But unlike so many times before,

It’s not from some unresolved buried ‘issue’

Its because I’ve bitten off more than I can chew


I know this.  Because despite the 10,199 tasks I have to complete – I see a road unfurling before me.  It is daunting.  Because I can’t see where it goes.

But I can feel the rightness of moving along it.  Step by step.  Inch by inch.

The secret is to delight in every stone.  Feel gratitude for the next bend.

Because I may not come this way again.

And though I’ll look back with longing and some sadness when I reach the next corner, I’ll keep reminding myself, that there are adventures and people up ahead of me that are waiting for me to catch them up.  There are stories to be told.  There are connections to be made.

On this road.


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