How to: Love life by being in flow

Are you now discovering that life can be, actually, quite easy?   Then you’ve probably learned some lessons similar to mine. 

When you sit with someone in silence, cradling their head and holding their hand as they take their last breath, the sanctity of life suddenly gets even more amplified than before. 

Every second seems precious and every decision is urgent and important.  And whether the next ‘event’  is good or bad, life still seems good and I still feel happy. 

What does it feel like to be in flow with life?  Well there is a comfort in being in one’s skin.  A peacefulness.  An inner strength.  An ability to be unattached to… anything.  A sensitivity to the rightness and wrongness of any situation.  A strong desire to serve.  A sense of freedom.  Creativity abounds.  There’s a strong preference to embrace nature – to protect it, to live it, to feel it, to live in harmony with the seasons.  A strong connection with animals and babies and all open minded people of your own tribe. 

So how do we find the flow? 

1. LISTEN.  You might think that you’re listening.  But there’s always more that you choose not to hear.  The devil is in the detail.  Be aware of your environment. Listen to conversations.  Watch for signs and synchronicitys.  Look for 1:11, 11:11 etc.  Look for things that are speeding you up or showing you down.. Traffic lights etc. NEVER RUSH!  To receive devine timing, slower is better in most cases.  Your body will always tell you when to speed up if it needs to.  Follow strong urges.  If something feels really right.. Then go with it… Protect your boundaries like a boss.  Speak up – be candid.  Be vulnerable.  TAKE ACTION. Be prepared to be wrong and be OK with that. Be prepared for astonishing outcomes knowing that the greater good is always in practice. 

2. If you don’t have time to listen to every detail, go for the feel of a situation.  I always ask myself the question “Do I feel  happy/at peace/relaxed/excited?”  If no… Change direction

3. If I’m confused or overwhelmed by my choices, I ask myself the question “What do I need right now to make me feel happy/at peace/relaxed/excited?”  If no answer comes, I clear space for the answer to come by removing myself from the situation and doing something mindless while doing #4. 

4.  Ask for help.  Ask God or the universe or whatever deity you like. Or a friend or family member. People provide answers, you just have to ask the right questions and discern if their reply is in your best interests.  You’ll soon find out if it’s in the best interests of the universe  ie for the greater good.   Because dependent on how great the importance to you  – there will many obstacles or a firm ‘NO’  if the tabled decision is not in flow. 

In all cases, being in flow is individual.  In my experience, it feels preordained.  There are many different routes to get to the same place.  I can choose the short cut or the road less travelled.  Or maybe the scenic route.  Everything is a choice.  No destination. That’s the beautiful mystery of life.  

Actually being in flow doesn’t always have to be one continuous miracle after another…  Although there are times it’s like that.  Sometimes it’s just that feeling of wanting to high 5 yourself for being awesome.  Of being proud of being you because you’ve done the best job you can.  The feeling of being in love with yourself and the world and just about everyone you meet.  Wanting to celebrate life by dancing and singing at every opportunity.  To appreciate beautiful things and be grateful for everything you have. 

To be in flow is to BE LOVE

Think it. 

Feel it. 

Action it. 

Sending all of you universal LOVE… However… FYI… .You can just tap into it anytime šŸ˜‰ 

Namaste & Arohanui x