SIBO & the magic of oregano oil

Its 9 minutes past midnight.  I can’t think of anything better to do when I can’t sleep, than write a blog.

I have a recurring food addiction with wheat. I know my body.  It does not like wheat.  It does not function on wheat.  Yet my brain tells me I love the texture and bite and gut filling satisfaction of wheat.  My brain is clearly very wrong in this equation.

Last week in a display of dumbness, I ordered fish and salad at the pub.  Of course it was battered fish with yummy fries.  Did I eat it?  Yes.  Because I’m a piglet and very stupid and I want to eat bread.  Its now 6 days later and I’m finally getting the last of that bad decision out of my system.  

I woke up this morning with 2 things on my mind – SIBO and Oil of oregano.

SIBO is Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. While I’ve been focusing on my large intestine, I’ve neglected to treat my VERY important small  intestine.  You can read a little about SIBO by clicking here.  No idea if SIBO is something I dreamed up, but I’ve skim read enough articles to know it fits my profile and I’m fairly certain my intuition is pointing me in the right direction on this occasion.  

Enter antibiotic/antibacterial extraordinaire – Oil of oregano.

Oil of oregano is one of my staple first aid kit medicines along with a packet of vegan capsules to take it with.  While I was in Bali it was a godsend with all the fungus, virus and bacteria present everywhere.  Dependant on the condition, usually 4 drops 2-3 times a day would fix most problems.  The only drawback is it destroys good gut bacteria so a round of probiotics is a good idea after using.  Or go hard on the fermented drinks, kefir, komboucha, rejuvelac, sauerkraut juice – whatever you prefer.  Go low sugar preferably.

So today I’ve had 2 doses of OOO and man do I feel like a million dollars compared to this time last week.  

I’ve peed out copious anounts of retained water and at 00:34 I’m getting up for the 3rd time in 50 mins to pee again.  Magic.

Seriously, why do I do this to myself??

No more wheat!!!

Project for next available free time – make life changing bread.  This is is a yummy wheat free, full of nuts and seeds loaf that tastes great toasted with avo and a marmite-like healthy organic yeast spread (sans the additional sugar).  For the recipe, click here.

I will double this recipe so it makes a fuller square sized piece of bread rather than a small rectangle.  This is very similar to the loaf that Hapi in Napier makes which retails for $26.  This recipe is much cheaper and you can use more seeds and less nuts for a better value loaf.

Happy wheatfree living everyone šŸ’œ

Very interesting blog article


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