Grain brain – linking the brain & gut

The book with this title is worth a read – it hypothesises around the connection between wheat and a myriad of health conditions.  Recommend.

Gluten free has become a ‘thing’ of immense proportions in the food industry, generating millions of dollars in revenue as people seek the right health food.  There are celiacs yes, and there’s everyone else who some cynics guffaw at – those ‘gluten sensitive’ souls who they postulate might be imagining the symptoms they’re suffering from just because they’ve heard that carbs are fattening – well carbs are fattening! – they’re a diabetics worst nightmare.  Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. Lifestyle disease = you should be changing your daily habits….anyways….I diverge….

Its true that grains have changed.  Rise up the GMO grain.  Rise up mass industrialisation.  Rise up all the extras chemicals, additives, preservatives, colours and ‘stuff you can’t pronounce’ in your food.  All so it arrives at your supermarket looking the same that it did 2 weeks ago.  It could be any one of these things that have changed the face of grain.

One can only get a true sense of how it affects your own delicate inner terrain.  After 2 weeks of eating like a rabbit on bowels of leafy greens and glasses of wheatgrass, my system was well and truly purged of wheat.  The human body is amazing like that – within 3 days, the flora has begun to change for the better.

When I arrived back into the country to hot cross bun territory – I couldn’t resist and downed a couple of packets.  Well I’ve never felt so crappy.  In the past I had dialled wheat (and most starches), dairy and sugar out of my lifestyle, but –  I do have a real weakness for crispy, fluffy, spicy buns (not fruit peel!!!) slathered in loads of salted NZ butter.  Alas, my internal flora rebelled and I swelled up like a melon.

When I visited my new favourite psychic, Deirdre Cotton, the first telling off from her was ‘I feel bloated and pregnant (ie she was feeling what I was feeling).  You need to stop eating wheat.  You used to be so good at this (skipping wheat, dairy, sugar), but recently, no…just STOP IT!!!!

So I did.  And I’m retaining less water and I feel less bloated.

Funnily my aunty has late onset celiacs, so I wonder… ???

So its time now for me to not only cut out all of my wheat and starch but also to cut out ALL of the food that I’ve been indulging in that I have cravings for.  To be fair the KFC ended when a colleagues daughter started work at the drive thru and I felt like a fraudster getting my fast food hit …I mean…hormone pumped, enzyme-less, putrid flesh with nil nutrition!! – but it tastes soooo good 😦

and guess what …there’s wheat in that shitty bird…

If you take a watch of the link below, you’ll understand that food really is medicine and I’m not lying to you.  Neuro-degenerative diseases of the brain like depression, anxiety, autism, dementia, Parkinsons, alzheimers, bi-polar and schizophrenia are results of poor gut flora.

Case in point – I reappear from my 3 weeks of relaxation and eating grass and its like I picked up my mojo and bought it back in my suitcase.  My brain is no longer fuzzy.  My outlook can’t stop being positive.  I’m all smiley.  I’m up at 4am and getting 6 hours of sleep and feeling full of energy and vitality.  I’m doing a 30 day hot yoga challenge, netball and bootcamp once a week and started cycling.  I’m growing, sprouting and operating at 200% better efficiency.  I’m literally feeling the LOVE.  Like I LOVE everything …. and THAT my friends is a couple of kgs of dancing, freakin’ happy good gut biota.




If you want to educate yourself a little more from a scientific perspective, click on this link.



  1. Medical Travelling · April 24

    Hi, I found your blog through the Holistic Healing with Amy site and thought I leave few tips here as well. For gut issues like leaky gut Biotin, Zinc-carnosin and glutamine will do good. And MSM if you can handle it without loosing sleep. In addition to diet of course.

    And for heavy metals I recommend Cutler’s mercury detox protocol. Even heard of that?


    • Kirsty Healey · April 24

      Hi there, thanks very much for your comments! No I haven’t heard of the mercury protocol. I’ll go look that up. Appreciate the tips. Could
      You send me the link to the reference in Amy’s blog where you found me pls! Thank
      You! 💜


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