I’m only human after all

Its been awhile since I wrote for the ponicorn blog, but while I had all the time in the world in Bali, I don’t have it in the matrixsphere where work and domestic duties seem to leave little time for pondering the mysteries of the world.

But I’ve cast aside daily life for an escape to Puerto Rico to a little retreat by the sea.  I wanted 3 things from my break away to celebrate a year of matrixing:

1.  To visit a tropical country I’d not visited

2.  To be by the ocean

3.  To learn something in the alternative health & wellness or sustainability area

I was considering ‘the farm’ in the Phillipines – their raw food restaurant and tantalising combination of courses and high end accommodation piqued my interest – but it was waay too expensive.

Then a dear friend – a fellow raw chef – suggested the Ann Wigmore Institute in Aguada, Puerto Rico.  Though its a 25-35 hour travel time, the price was better.

Yes the buildings are old, no its not flash, however the content is top class and my balcony is 30m from a beautiful clean beach through swaying palm trees.  That’s enough.

My 2 week course in the living foods lifestyle pioneered by the late Ann Wigmore involves eating A LOT of greenery.  Far more sprouts, wheatgrass and microgreens than I’ve ever consumed EVER.  (Which is saying a lot given the courses and places I’ve done to date!).  

Energy soup is NOT my favourite thing.  For 8 cups of this stuff, 20 cups of sunflower and buckwheat greens alone are used.  And that doesn’t include all the mountains of sprouts!  But this stuff is a whole meal in itself.  And I’m strangely satiated by this monstrous bowl of green (disguised with piles of fresh herbs, ginger, dulse and lime juice).

Then there’s the wheatgrass..I think I dislike it more than the energy soup.  Here at Ann Wigmore, its prized for all of its nutritional qualities as the King of grasses with an  abundance of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and blood & immune system strengthening qualities.

Why would any sane person take themselves on this tortureous culinary adventure?

Quite simply, the Ann Wigmore Institute cures people.  Naturally.  With food.

She cured herself of colon cancer.  She has cured many people of cancer and many chronic diseases.  She was an avid researcher, spending her time searching for the foods that are nutrient dense to nourish the body in such a way that the body could uptake those nutrients.  The basic philosophy of the programme is around organic living foods.  

I am a living foods supporter 100% having experienced the benefits of eating enzyme rich food before.  However I seem to have slipped off the bandwagon…

Heres what I’m eating here:

Rejuvelac is an enzyme rich drink fermented from either sprouted quinoa or cabbage.  This easy to make (good value) supplement is akin to a probiotic, providing good bacteria to assist digestion.  This is both raw and living.  1 cup twice daily.

Wheatgrass is taken twice a day – up to 5oz at a time plus just quietly in a variety of other orifices…😐

Blended Energy soup 3 times.  We had 3 continuous days of it as part of the cleanse.  When we were allowed salad for lunch it was like an insane treat!

So what happens after 6 days of cleansing on living foods?  Food starts to taste amazing.  The most subtle changes can be detected.  An apple seems like a guilty treat.  And a tiny treat of blended/dehydrated banana and sunflower seeds blows my mind😂

On the 2nd day I jumped on the scales out of curiosity.  I’d dropped half a kg in 24 hours…..And I’ve continued to drop half a kg every day except today.  Today it was only 300gm….hehe…  All the water being retained in my tissues from all that matrix food I’ve been eating is being expended in a really short period of time.  

All that dairy, starch and sweet and fatty AND processed food which I know does nothing for me has found a hold in my diet.  OMG!😮….  Which makes me really ashamed to admit that in matrixland I haven’t been disciplined enough to stick to my guns when it comes to food.  How ironic can it be for someone telling others to eat well and not doing it herself. Oops.

“porque soy solo humana”    (because I’m only human)

Much love,

From the Ponicorn in Puerto Rico