Certainty, Congruency, being in flow


Week 1 new job  Check!

And now, time to reflect on where I am right now and give thanks and gratitude for the roiling vortex of flow I’ve been searching for.

To be in flow is that feeling of swimming WITH the current, feeling the support of the whole universe PULLING you inevitably along your path on an unknown yet yummy, delicious journey.  Doors open, red carpets unfold.  I can sink deeper into my natural, authentic self, or rather, I feel safe enough to unpeel one more layer.

To be seen is unnerving, scary.   There is FEAR.  But it is oh so right.  On the other side of fear is Nirvana.  Not in the sense of a perfect existence but more of embracing the path that has been mine but has been left unattended.  The secret garden, the fairy hollow, the forbidden jungle..the mysterious fernglade…that place of mysticism and childhood glee … where imagination and creation abound.


Tony Robbins is a wise man.  In a recent podcast he touched on the subjects of certainty and congruency with regard to the presidential candidacy.

‘Watch my feet’ he said, ‘not my words’.  I’ve been dancing this dance for 40 years.  He’s talking about being your truth.  Being my words.  Being my standards and morals.  Being my thoughts, good or bad.  Being my feelings, good or bad. 

He talked of certainty.  In a world of uncertainty we all look for a stabiliser, a beacon, a yardstick.  Someone who can ground us, give us hope, make us feel safe.  Why can’t that person be me…?  Often times when I’ve felt overwhelmed I’m experiencing a little non duality – that little concept of mind body soul being seperated.  Being grounded into the here and now, creates certainty.  It creates strength and I feel empowered.

So now I can reflect on this last phase of my life and assert with confidence that I’ve:

1.  Taken the time to ride the hills and valleys to reach the plateau where I’m unequivocally certain of what I want and what I am today
2.  Created an existance of congruency
3.  Placed myself firmly in flow

Thank you me.
Thank you Universe.
Namaste.  We are One.