Theta healing

What is Theta healing?
An energy healing modality to clear limiting beliefs and programs in the mind and body using techniques like muscle testing and body talking to change the environment of the subconscious mind.  Similar in practice to kinesiology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and TCM (Transforming Cellular Memory).


You are confused.

Thats what Dr S told me today after I told her what I wanted to work on in my Theta healing session.  No kidding.  You should try being me for a day.

I’ve had a couple of theta healing sessions before and they were both powerful.  So much so I signed up for the teacher training but it fell through.  Now I kind of regret not doing it.

You are out of balance.

There are 3 constitutions or doshas.  Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata (air and space)
Principal kinetic energy governs mainly the nervous system and controls all body movement.

Kapha (water and earth)
Principal of potential energy governs mainly body stability and fluids.

Pitta (fire and water)
Principal is enzymatic and endocrine systems.  Controls kinetic and potential energy.  All pittas processes involve digestion of some description..even of thoughts or ideas.

My constitution in ayurvedic terms is Pitta/Vata.  Ones dosha does not change.

Pitta/Vata’s generally have poor circulation.  Also, the Pitta side loves to eat while the Vata influence ensures trouble digesting large meals.  When PV’s are unbalanced, fear and anger will alternate as reactions to stress.  The Pitta in me loves to command while the Vata creates self doubt around the ability to command.  Pitta/Vata’s mainly need stability.

If Ayurveda were a religion Nature would be its goddess, and overindulgence the sole sin She would punish.  – Prakriti by Dr RE Svoboda

My diagnosis (prakriti) is:

Which basically means I’m flighty, fat and the opposite of on fire….a wet blanket maybe.  The Vata imbalance is dominant.  This is the change my mind, can’t make plans, can’t finish projects, can’t sit still side of me.  Neurotic.  Ditsy.  Sometimes this is fun…sometimes not…

You lost your passion for life after your husband died

Fk!  No pity parties here.  Just tell it to me straight.
Yes.  Its true.

Where is your fire?

After clearing my food addictions and my lack of purpose, Dr S got started on the big one.  Untying my concept of happiness…the one tied to my husband..the guilt, the inability to step out of my shadow and leap into a new life.  The option to love someone else.  The necessity of loving myself.  The freedom of creating present point awareness…the inner child…blank canvas…life in colour…

There was truth.  There were tears.  Beaten and exposed I rolled off the table, and retreated to my room for 2 hours to integrate.

I emerged tired but shiny..a spark rekindled…



  1. drummondvintage · June 2, 2015

    Powerful! This sounds good! Feel and embrace the fear knowing you are safe and close to entering a magic new phase of rebirth. You are supported on this journey home xx


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