Today my favourite colour is gold


Gold: Congratulations you’re sitting in the winner’s seat at present or about to be.  Everything that you have worked hard and long for is about to pay off and you rewarded.  If you are having trouble seeing the light just know in picking this colour the sun is in your pathway and you will shine and make your way through eventually, definitely not unnoticed as people do notice you in crowds.  You stand out as does the sun but you are also very compassionate and giving too not to mention spiritually connected to the higher self.  Maybe this colour means you need to connect more with your higher self.  You have much wisdom and knowledge to share and people are inspired by your actions and words.  Just remember not to be too showy and stay humble in your achievements.  There’s plenty of room for more growth even though you are at the top which is where you should be and not only can you enjoy the rewards of your success but others will do to.  It’s like when you win so does everyone else who come into contact with you.   Avoid petty squabbling as this could indicate family squabbles it’s so not worth it, sometimes people can be envious of your wealth/abundance just continue on being successful and staying true to yourself.   Sometimes this does indicate a need to look around new ground, you can effect a beneficial change in your circumstances by taking the right action. You are well protected. 🙂

Purple: News coming. Big change in career for the better maybe a new promotion or you will be given more responsibility within your circle or job. A time of honour for all of your achievements. Please note that this could also mean spiritually as well so shifting up a level spiritually too. Vibrating at a higher level, you have a sudden increase in positive energy, your spiritual side is calling you more than ever now. I feel you will be gifted something special or blessed with another spiritual gift received from above. A busy period lots of meetings, reconnecting with people, powerful and important people who will promote you in some way. Know that things happen for a reason it’s about being in the right place at the right time. 🙂

Red: Many new doors are suddenly opening for you or about to. But you must have the strength, determination and courage to walk through them. Use this time to tackle any projects no matter how hard or impossible they seem at this point. Remember you can do it! You are passionate and confident and you fear nothing. Pay attention to the signs around you. Either you’re giving too much attention to someone or lacking attention the attention from that someone. If so try not to overdo it and push for something to happen, instead use your persuasiveness, charm and confidence skills to get what you want. Patience and perseverance will be more beneficial then force or over obsessing. Love is in the air. 🙂

Blue: If you have been feeling a bit emotional and/or under the weather lately it may be a necessary time to take a well-deserved break to find some calmness and inner peace again. A short trip to the sea or lake. Ask your family or friends to support you and offer you advice as you should never have to deal with everything on your own. It may even be as simple as being out of touch with yourself so try meditation and retreat. You are very highly spiritual and can often pick yourself up again by going within and talking with your guides who will tell you what to do and put you back on track. Try taking up a new spiritual interest or meet new likeminded souls, you are never alone. Know that the path before you is promising and we must keep going however you should know when it’s time to withdraw and return again. Listen to your intuition and everything will be ok. 🙂

Green: Luck is definitely on your side, money money money. This is a good time to start a new addition to the family as it increases fertility. It is also important if you have any unresolved issues with anything or anyone to sort them out now. Avoid letting issues fester or get worse because green indicates the need for balance and healing. Try to eradicate any feelings of jealousy and envy at this point, instead of turning into the green eyed monster lol when being attacked or in a confrontational situation just remain calm and/or walk away from the situation it’s just not worth it when you have so much positive things going on, negativity only slows down the process. Take advantage of the blessings around you and enjoy more family bonding time. 🙂

Yellow: Brings positive light regarding the start of a new business venture and much improved communication skills. This is a very significant time for business dealings and negotiating. Set your sights high on what you want to achieve and communicate your thoughts, say what’s on your mind. Yellow is about strengthening the mind so try not to over think situations ok to avoid mind clutter. Make sure your intentions are clear and everything will work in your favour. People are willing to listen to you. You are also able to connect with messages a lot stronger than ever. 🙂

Pink: Be prepared for a new romance or new relationship. If there’s been problems in your relationships lately, don’t worry because things are about to look up and improve either you will choose to go your own way and start fresh or you will journey into a more deeper level of the relationship. It may be that more affection is needed so please pay attention to your own demands as well as the demands of others. You may even find yourself being looked upto by others more than usual and it’s quite overwhelming for you. Remain patient and show these people your appreciation and loving guidance & support if needed. 🙂

Silver: At this point in time don’t make any rash or hasty decisions ok. There is a need to ensure that you put your spiritual ideas before financial matters please. Sometimes we draw this colour because we are too focused on the material side of things when it’s your spiritual wellbeing that needs attention. It is said that silver is related to the moon so with this colour can bring a confusing period where decisions must be made but we are out of touch with our inner worlds, we are left wondering what decision to make listen to your intuition not your head. These moods can come and go ok fluctuation just remember to cleanse yourself regularly. Free your mind from any negative thoughts. Believe in Magic! 🙂

White: Some good news here if you picked this colour everything will go well and the choices you have made and decisions will indeed be correct. Spiritually you are strong and well protected. You see things as they are. Black is black and white is white. White is the sign of purity and cleanliness and new beginnings. Have faith in yourself that you are on the right path and being guided to a place of perfection. If things haven’t been going so well for you then take this as a sign you can start today fresh. Wipe the slate clean. So release what needs to be released. Eliminate what no longer serves you and live a healthier and happier life. You have the potential to do great things and be anything you want to be. Spiritually you are being guided to leave the past behind once and for all. 🙂

Full credit to Kitrina Aroha Aubrey of Mana Wairua (The Stronger Spirit). This is her koha. Please see her facebook page if you wish to follow her.


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