Diary of a mad cat woman

Yesterday I read the blog of woman who came to Bali to be cured of Lyme disease.  Her story was a little disturbing as some of the components were scarily similar to mine.  She had done ozone therapy, regular enemas and had her fair share of experiences with ‘fake’ healers.  But the scary part was her experience after doing a hydrogen peroxide enema.  Her intestinal wall separated and she started to bleed out, had to be hospitalised and started on a course of seriously strong, candida forming antibiotics.  One step too far perhaps??

I’m pretty sure that a whole bunch of you  out there are reading squeemishly and in horror and wondering where in the world do these looneys (ie me) come up with these crazy ideas to heal???  My friend likened me to a crazy cat woman,  the one that has accumulated 55 cats and pushes a trolley round town.

There is a reason to my rhyme.

In February while I was in Australia I popped into see a doctor to have blood and gene tests for Haemachromatosis (HFE).  HFE is a genetic disease in which the body takes too much iron from food and can’t disperse it.  Iron build up in the body will eventually result in multi-organ failure and death.

My theory is the sudden, traumatic loss of my husband 18 months ago, sent my body into shock and overdrive.  The result was physical illness, all symptoms being that of HFE.  The good news for me and my family is that HFE is very common and easily treated with vennesection (blood letting).  At the moment I’m what the general populace would call symptom free with regards to HFE..however..I couldn’t deny that there were too many breadcrumbs that keep pointing me towards an issue with my blood…

Stress, depression and anxiety CANNOT be under estimated in their ability to produce toxicity in the body and I attribute my chronic liver issues to a combination of factors including HFE, grief (& the emotions arising from it) and a lack of the essentials for a healthy body.  That is, Earth (grounding, nature), Air (oxygenation), Water (hydration) and Fire (sunlight).  I basically got sicker the longer I hung out in my dungeon feeling sorry for myself.   However:

Every journey has a hell through which we must walk.  The trick is to not stop, to keep moving forward.

Eventually I saw the light on the 20th August when I decided to take responsibility for my health and my life.

It seems the last 18 months has been a never ending list of sickness.  Sometimes I feel like a hypochronchriac.  As I said to my acupuncturist yesterday, I just need information.  Why?  Sometimes I need reassurance that I’m not crazy. The bubble of Ubud makes me feel a little out of touch with reality at times.

I went off on a tangent there because I forgot to add that while I was at the doctor in Australia I mentioned that my digestive system was not working as it should.  My symptoms were constipation, bloating, fullness in my lower abdomen.  Something was not right.  Now the lower abdomen fullness was very slight but my nagging voice told me that it required further investigation.  I was sent for a scan and the result was a fibroid and a polyp.  The fibroid was 3.5cm in diameter, the size of a golf ball and it had a weird looking stalk.  The scan was inconclusive and the doctor referred me to an OBGYN for further investigation.  That was 6 weeks ago.

Well, a few days ago I had a scan at the local hospital and the fibroid and polyp were gone.  The doctor was puzzled.  He wanted to know what I’d been doing in 6 weeks?  Now I should note here that all ONGYN’s and ONGYN equipment in Bali are NOT equal.  So I’m going back for a scan using state of the art 4D equipment plus a pap scan next month.  But my intuition tells me that they’re gone.

That brings us to the present.  Yesterday I went to see Dr Peggy Marienfield.  She’s a local legend here.  She’s been practising as a holistic GP and naturopath for some 20 odd years.  She specializes in live blood analysis and I was keen to get some firm information on the state of my blood.

Dr Peggy takes a simple bloodprick test, puts it on a slide, and waalah!, 30 seconds later she’s telling you the state of your health.   Magic!!

The result – Parasites!  My first thought ‘thank god, now I know what I’m dealing with’.  My second thought, ‘Fuck, when is all this going to end’

I mean seriously, WTF??..am I destined to get every illness under the sun?  I need to tangent here and run you through my thought process.

First of all, all Dis-ease comes from the mind.  Being in Bali, however, parasites kind of come with the territory.  But spiritually, there is a deeper reason for all of this.   I’m certainly being lead inexocorably  towards something.  I call my experience  the school of life.  I’ve been a full time student but I’ve been getting C’s recently.  Now I  feel like I’ve lifted my game to a solid B student.  I’ve promised myself an A+ once I get the ok from Dr Peggy that my blood has recovered.  As soon as I get my A+, my life purpose and destiny get  revealed to me.  I think I know what that is now, but I’ve very quickly learned not to assume conclusions or outcomes for the future.  The Universe has a way of proving me wrong that usually involves a painful lesson.  So I don’t do that anymore.

Blood (its very important)
Let me quickly explain the state of my blood.  Normal, healthy blood cells are perfectly round and separated.  Mine were a crazy chaotic mess, like perfect spheres of paint on  a window that a child had gotten their fingers onto and smeared into crazy patterns.  My blood cells, she said, were operating at 65% (hence the reason I need a nana nap in the afternoon and a strict 10pm bedtime!).

She couldn’t see any other underlying issue (she suspects estrogen dominance) until the parasites were cleared.

So..in summary, I’m on a 17 day parasite cleanse, followed with my monthly liver and gallbladder cleanse and a continuation of regular coffee enemas and organic whole food diet.  Dairy free, gluten free, lots of vegetables, enzymes, probiotics, zinc, Vitamin C,  Vitamin A, raw garlic, jamu,  amongst many other bits and bobs.

I’m also doing a saliva test to check hormone levels.

Ok, I’m signing out for now, coffee enema done.  Tick.

Now off for 2 hours of my favourite class of Kundalini yoga.

Much love (&BDE)
From the Ponicorn x



  1. drummondvintage · March 27, 2015

    Well now you have really got me on this one me girl, it wasnt just the title (that did grab me!!), but your mention of gut issues, and then….PARASITES! OMG we are so the same but you are going to show me another pathway out of the diminishing health I have been experiencing and increasing bloating and digestive disturbances. My naturopathic doc here had me on some Metagenics for leaky gut and that stopped the upper pain, and Im going back next week for round two. Its a 3 hour trip south, as no docs of the integrative variety to be found here in Gizzy!
    Let me introduce my “friends”, sourced as I believe (but not conclusive) from travels in India way back in 2011. I say not conclusive, because there is an association with exposure to dirt from vege gardens and animals, and farmie types have a higher prevalence of it…so I could have got it anywhere.
    Anyways their lovely Latin names are Blastocystis hominus and Endolimax nana, both of which belie their insidious and debilitating natures! . Both apparently “non pathogenic” according to the medical literature, and hence no great interest in remedying the disturbance. ALong the path I have tried homeopathy, herbs, colonics, enemas, intravenous Vitamin C 10000units, intravenous Vitamin B complex, hormonal cream, digestive enzymes, liver cleanses. I watch my diet (although decided recently bugger it Im going to have the odd glass of wine and wear the consequences-the rebel in me!). Ive looked at the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet), GAPS (Gut and Psychology) Diet, and various sites includng “Bad Bugs”.
    I think stress is behind mine too. Associated perhaps with approaching perimenopause. Apparently the adrenals are are meant to be the sideline players and pick up progesterone production once the ovaries slow (slackers!) but when the sideline payers have been used consistantly during life (any go hard types out there? Hard core exercisers? Multi-taskers? Dont bother resting types? Listen up!!) thee adrenals are kinda worn out. If you are a menopausal woman experiencing symptoms like hot flushes and sleeplessness this could be behind it (check out Dr Libby for more detail). Well I have neither of these issues, but I do have parasites. And bloating, and variable constipation. Ive also spent $600 on a special fecal test sent to the USA (http://www.naturopath.co.nz/Articles/Digestive%20Problems/The%205%20Tests%20To%20Determine%20Digestive%20Function?mv_pc=4758), which told me, you guessed it, parasites, amongst other interesting information such as increased inflammatory markers. So I was given antibiotics for one of the pathogenic bacteria that showed up, which led to a week of feeling like crap, and eventually resultant candida (luckily the itchy scalp was a bit easier to manage).

    So, I am going to be watching this space of yours with much interest!!!

    AND – you doing Kundalini yoga, OMG that is the one I had recently (after researching the different forms of yoga) decided Id like to learn more of, and here you are exeriencing it! How about sharing with your blog family the precepts of Kundalini yoga, and some personal feedback about what you do during a session. Meanwhile, Im into my Yin Yoga, a nice deep stretch session!

    So I did download Skype, but it looks like Viber is the way to connect wth you!
    Much love, and keep us updated!
    Namaste, Tina xxxx


  2. Jehanne · March 28, 2015

    Love to you Kirsty ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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