Who am I again? Part II

Mecury Retrograde

it sounds like something that Marty and Doc would be doing to the DeLorean before heading back to the future.  It won’t mean much to the general public.  But it does to me, and to people like me.

A Mercury Retrograde is effectively when the planet Mars appears to slow down, stop, change direction, then move forward in its orbit again. This phenomenon is called a Mercury Retrograde and it wreaks havoc on us poor inhabitants of Earth.  There are 3 MR’s a year, and we are in the middle of one right now.  It’s an 8 week cycle which should complete on the 3rd March, with most of the crazy life changing stuff ending earlier on the 11th February.

During this time there are 3 things that shouldn’t be done:

1.  Travel

2.  Be near electricity

3.  Get married

I’ve already broken 2 of those rules…and no, I haven’t remarried!  I’m posting a URL to a MR article so you can read more about this in your own time.

Are you confused?  And are you asking yourself the question, what on earth is she talking about?  Well, I’m talking about it because its affecting me.  It’s current for me.  Because my intuition and guidance have been affected by it, its been a little…impaired.   So while I can usually deal with flights and crowds by using the techniques I’ve learned, with this Mercury Retrograde in action, I’ve found it about 10 times harder to ground, to heal and to connect with people.  And this is part of the reason why I’m returning to Bali very soon!  The high vibration of Ubud is what I need during this period.

Being Empathic and a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)

I’ve mentioned my psychic and empathetic abilities in previous blogs.  Perhaps what I haven’t clarified is that I’m still on a journey to fulfilling these gifts to their potential.  Everyday it feels like I’m being reborn, learning more about spirit, and how to integrate that with my journey to self.

Clairsentience is my strongest sense.  Clairsentience is the ability to feel.  This is a necessary gift for an Empath.  That is, I feel more than most.  I’m sensitive to everyone.  As soon as someone tells me their story, I get them.  As soon as I’ve connected with them personally, I see who they are, what their strengths and weaknesses are, where their health issues are.  I feel everything.  This is a curse at times.  But overall an amazing gift that I’m so thankful for if it helps me to help my community.

But my other senses have started to join the party.  I’m currently working on Clairaudience.  I’m very sensitive to noise.  I’m sensitive to lyrics in music, and to voice guided meditations.  So now I listen to nature and soulful soundtracks.

I’m starting to see future visions (Clairvoyance) when I meditate.

My claircognizance (knowing) is always there in the background. Quite often I know stuff without knowing why I know stuff.  This is frustrating sometimes because I’ll say something then I can’t substantiate it.  I have to trust that I know then research to substantiate.

Who am I again?  Part II

The title of my blog on the 14 January I asked the question, ‘Who am I again?‘  It was a guide to finding your true love.  In fact, the question of who I am is a question I face daily.  And yes its all in the name of finding my true love.  But that true love is not another person, its a love for myself.  Its a journey of self discovery to myself.  Let me expand on that.

Quite often when I’m chatting to someone and I’m explaining my blogs to them, I struggle with explaining what this blog is all about.  Generally I describe it as a blog of my spiritual journey over the last year.  But in fact, its a journey to self, a journey of self discovery.  It may appear strange to some to not know yourself.  Because actually, we all see each other very clearly.  Which brings me to my next point – why don’t we talk about this stuff more often?

The 3 C’s

Connection, Communication, Community

Conflict and how it relates to the 3 C’s

We are one.

So how can there be war, politics and religion?  If we are one, then surely we are one mind and therefore all connected to source.  The answer to this is very simple.  We are not all conscious…yet….

The 3 C’s to me are the answer to creating mass consciousness, and ultimately what many people call, enlightenment or Nirvana or Kundalini.  Whatever you may call it, its the same thing.


Do you know we’re all connected?  When I ask people to connect, whether it be to their Higher Self, to other people or to nature, what I’m asking them to do is to REconnect.  What I mean by this is, we are already connected, but we’ve forgotten how to access it.


It seems communication in the true sense of the word has been forgotten.  Every time you send a message on Facebook, a text on Whatsapp or email, rather than picking up the phone or seeing someone in person, you are relegating ‘real’ communication into a past concept….something that used to be done.  The art of conversation is one quickly being lost in this age of digital media.  Let me ask you 3 questions:

1.  When was the last time you sat down with someone and chatted on a meaningful topic, far from the distractions of everyday life?

2.  When was the last time you fixed a broken relationship?

3.  When was the last time you felt you ‘truly connected‘ with someone and took your relationship to a new level?


My number one desire is Community.  Now the problem is that I have Community, but its all over the place.  Lots of little Community’s.  My banker brain, wanted to integrate all of these Community’s…for convenience.  But I’ve come to realise that I thrive on the constant stimulation that each one of my groups provide.  But the most important Community to me, is the audience to this blog.  Because when I sit down to write for you, I’m at that place of ultimate happiness.  I can access heartspace.  I’m the BVOM (Best Version of Me).

Can I be cheeky and ask you a favour?

If this blog resonates for you.  If you feel guided to.  Then can I ask you to ‘follow’ my blog, so you get regular updates directly to your email address.

Please share it with your friends and family.  Ultimately, if it resonates with you, discussing it is the ultimate sharing.  Remember – Sharing is Caring!!

And in the true spirit of the 3C’s, please, if you’d like to discuss this more, please comment on the blogs, or send me a private message.  There are 2 ways to connect with me:

1.  Join my Facebook page


2.  Join my closed group, Ponicorn Peeps


My favourite tunes today:

This was inspired by my sister, a true definition of a Leo – generous, big hearted, bright, warm and shiny!  She loves Meghan Trainor because everytime she hears it she wants to have fun.  She wants to dance.  Her and her 2 year old son like to get down and boogie to this tune.  Really listen to the words in this song.  “I know you lie, your lips are moving”. What does that mean to you?  For me, so many people talk, but they don’t believe what they’re saying.  They don’t take action on what they want and who they are.  It’s the old adage, actions speak louder than words!

Reference articles:






  1. Anonymous · January 30, 2015

    claircognizance – I am the same! Everyone else just calls me a know it all, but what do they know LOL. Ok hit me with my strengths, weaknesses and health issues, swap you for a “body talk” session 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kirsty Healey · January 30, 2015

      Well I’m up for a body talk session but I don’t know who you are because you’ve come up as ‘someone’, which isn’t incorrect. .but doesn’t help me identify you! ! hehe..


  2. mariaadlam · January 30, 2015

    Yes good old Mecury going Retrograde…I didn’t realise it was happening now. ..but makes so much sense! Eight weeks is a long time!! But as the saying goes…what you resist…persists! So embrace the chaos that this time brings and make it work for you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kirsty Healey · January 30, 2015

      Yes!! What resists persists! ! I’ve learned that the hard way! ! Chaos..I think it should be my middle name!


  3. Deborah McConnell · January 31, 2015

    Just really wanted to drop a note and say hello. I lucked in in your blog through Maria Adam (a wonderful work colleague and friend). I love reading your blog and find them really enlightening and I feel a connection. I have heard of the Mercury thing before but don’t quite understand how it affects me. But that’s all learnng for me! I look forward to rereading your post (they are too good to read once!) anyway just wanted to say hi, and thank you for becoming part of my journey. Love your blog aroha nui Debs

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kirsty Healey · January 31, 2015

      Hi Deborah, its so lovely to connect. Any friend of Ma’s is a friend of mine. Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it. If you want some help understanding stuff, come join my Ponicorn Peeps group on Facebook (which is a spirit group) or the lotus in lacuna page which is a bit more nutrition orientated. They’re both community pages designed to create discussion. Arohanui, Kirsty x


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