Closed Community Group Facebook page

I’ve created a new closed group with which to share my Ponicorn blogs.  This group is a community page for you to share your own insights and journey and make magical connections..share the love…You are free to invite people to the page once you’re a member.

If you’re so called, I invite you to join it at :

The name of the group is Ponicorn Peeps.

Or, if you’re time and technology challenged, then please comment on this blog or contact me to invite you to the page.



  1. Lynda · January 22, 2015

    Hi Kirsty,

    Thank you for all your communications. I enjoy and am inspired by them.

    I am technologically challenged so please send direct to my email box.

    You discovering so much about yourself which leads me to…..

    “When one door closes, another door opens.” Alexander Graham Bell Lynda

    P.S. I belong to the Diamond Approach. There is a weekend workshop on ‘Soul’ in Takapuna starts Friday evening 27 Feb and ends Sunday 1 March. You don’t live in just 10am-5.30pm each day. I’ll forward you a flyer

    Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 20:43:18 +0000 To:


  2. Kirsty Healey · January 22, 2015

    Hi Lynda, all the posts are posted to the Facebook pages. .either the closed group or the nutrition blogs are posted to lotus in lacuna. Did you email fall out of the distribution list again? I haven’t posted for awhile? Lovely to hear you’re enjoying the posts! Thanks for reading!


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