Ponicorn Top 10 tips for Spirit & Ultimate FREEDOM

Today, in this moment, as I lie like a Queen, swathed in blankets, surrounded by cushions, high up on a hill, overlooking the Kingdom of Wanganui, as the sun rises….. its brilliance emerging from the clouds……altar burning bright….


……..the anticipation of the sun’s warm rays, the clarity of mind, all culminate in powerful desires…powerful inspiration….


My body has reached a moment of perfect homeostasis, of peace..a perfect moment that can only be achieved through months of preparation….for some people. .years…

In this moment. ….I am peace…I am inspiration…I am Devine presence.

And because I’ve given a gift to myself of the perfect sunrise, I’ve been rewarded with the inspiration and clarity of mind to share with you my Top 10 tips for Consciousness in 2015 – Ultimate tips for Spirit and Ultimate freedom.   You don’t have to be spiritually inclined to receive benefits from following this guideline. .you just have to be searching for something. ..maybe you don’t know what that something is…but you probably feel like something is missing from you right now..what part of you that is..you’re not sure of…actually I’m telling you that its your Soul, your Higher Self..that Wisdom that is your Intuition, that Voice that is your Guidance,  that Feeling that is Love, Forgiveness. …

Ultimately…..the exquisite culmination of Mastery in Consciousness is FREEDOM!!!!!! (Ponicorn promise!)

.. this feels right. ..this feels good. .you can’t deny it..despite not understanding why…..

My plea to you is…follow the breadcrumbs. …don’t fight the desire to take action.  Start by getting comfortable with that nagging seed of inspiration, that exciting pearl that ignites your passion and makes you silly and lightheaded with the thought of pursuing it….

1.  Write it down. ..journel…get clear on your intention
2.  Once clear. ..Affirm it..everyday
3.  When opportunities..no matter how small..present themselves. .grab them with both hands and don’t let go!
4. Follow the top 10 list below with faith,  integrity and purpose

…what’s there to lose…except Yourself..

The following list will be the basis for my next 10 blogs in a spiritual context. ..because there’s just so much to say to expand right here.  If you have any desperate questions that need answering RIGHT NOW…then flick me a comment or a personal message through Lotus in lucuna.

The purpose of this blog is to set you up with a Spirit/Freedom guide to action that will set you up and support you through 2015 to become Conscious. ..to become the BVOM (Best Version of Me).

Top 10

There is no particular order..though meditation ALWAYS comes first and is the SINGLE most empowering practice you can invest in.

1.  Meditation
2.  Sunshine
3.  Wanderlust
4.  The breath
5.  Pure body
6.  Groundedness
7.  Information
8.  Vibe Tribe
9.  Love

Hey you!

You’re not  alone.  You’re officially a part of my Vibe Tribe!  You’re supported by me.  You’re supported by this Community.  They are your Vibe Tribe.  I invite you to feel the feeling of inclusivesness…of belonging… with this intention I’m sending out to you.

Everything is awesome when you’re part of a team!

In the Spirit of inclusiveness. .I’m sending you this VERY inspirational song from the Lego movie…


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