I’m stuck. I’m at a crossroad. I can’t breathe

Greetings again!

I know you’re thinking,  really?, so soon, I haven’t fully taken in the last confrontation?
I’ve received a number of interesting messages leading up to the end of the year.  They have a similar theme.   I’m at a crossroads.  I’m unhappy.  I’ve been unhappy for awhile.   But I’ve only just realised there’s a better existence for me than the one I have. ..but I’m so stuck.  I have no room to move. ..I have a career, a mortgage, a family to support.   Maybe I’m just scared.   I’m so scared that I can’t even move…..or breathe.

Let me put those feelings of anxiety into context for you. …

I also felt exactly like you did. .earlier in the year for many months…the feeling started as a small uncomfortable feeling but quickly  escalated over time to be a heavy feeling on my chest like a huge concrete block was sitting on it and I was suffocating.  Alongside that I had terrible brain busy-ness and i couldn’t find clarity or context.  I was stuck.

I needed help.  I reached out to Ma and she put me in touch with my now mentor, psychic and very good friend Jehanne Thomas.  One 1 hour session with Jehanne on a Saturday and on the following Monday..I resigned from my job.  I didn’t have all the answers.   I didn’t have a plan.   But I had the next step.   And that was empowering.

What followed was 2.5 months of the darkest time of my life..I was depressed.  I was suicidal.  I hated myself and I hated everything my life represented.

Did I need to experience this? Absolutely.  Every journey to the heart of unhappiness begins with a feeling.  If that feeling leads you to want to bury yourself in a hole and cry for a week so be it.

You will survive. You will be stronger.

This is the formula for emotional freedom.  You may need a third party to help you through this process.

Important note – On my course I learned a valuable clearing process.  You can use it when you’re feeling stuck. It’s simple,  easy, and you can do it by yourself once you’re familiar with it.  If you’re interested I can send you the script.  For those of you familiar with Brendon Bays, its a similar concept to the journey..in a summarised version.   (Many thanks Chris Whitcoe for being a Master clearer and introducing this script! x) :

The Process:
Let it go

Perhaps if anyone’s interested I can go through the above in detail. .please ask if you’re interested.

The Gap
Let me define anxiety for you.

Anxiety is when you’re living in the future.  You’re worrying about what happens tomorrow.   Michael has this amazing piece of advice for me everytime I forget basic lessons like living in the future:

Stop it!

Just stop it.

Depression is the result of living in the past.

Anxiety is the result of living in the future.

Peace reigns when you live fully in the present.

Seek Counsel

You’re not weak for asking for help!  Talk, journel, reach out!

If that little voice tells you you need more…

Jehanne Thomas

Always available for you lovely.   If you ever want to chat let me know.

Trust the process
Trust the first step
Action will set you free!

Let it go
How many times have I played this song?  It’s my theme song.  If I’m feeling anxious I play it. I play it multiple times.

I play it everyday without fail.

It definitely works a treat for women – strong amazon warrior-type women with unfulfilled destinys just waiting to be activated!

So don’t be shy to love it!  Its powerful!

Sending you all my love and support xx


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