Devine Order and Angels

In my post ‘Life happens. It happens for a reason’, I pondered on the concept of Free Will v Devine order.  I had labelled Devine order previously as ‘everything happening for a reason,  nothing by accident’.  I ‘knew’ my concept but I didn’t have a name for it yet.

Let me sidetrack and go into this a little deeper for a minute.  Several times people have asked me questions of a spiritual nature in the past and I’ve reeled off ‘stuff’ – information…I don’t know where it comes from but I describe it as centuries of knowledge that I feel is written in my DNA.  It feels like its at cellular level.. This does and doesn’t make sense.   My brain defines cellular level – the ego needs to order the theory to make itself feel better. . An acknowledgement that this is the learning of several past lives is just too much of a concept for my unexercised banker brain to process so it puts it in the too hard basket.

Now back to Devine Order.

What is devine order?   Is it real?

Soul contracts and life purpose
Every lifetime before we’re incarnated,  our souls are given a contract or blueprint for our lifeplan, if you will.  We in fact, choose our lives as infants from a Soul context.   As a human we are blissfully unaware of these choices.  However the concept is encaptulated in several concepts I’ve talked about previously.   One of them is Karma – what goes around comes around.  You thought that it meant in your lifetime right?  No.  Actually it means ALL of your lives,  past and present.   Unfinished business and lessons still needing to be learned all contribute to Karma.  There’s more….

Let me set the scene with a little story…

I forgot to add some important information taken from my reading on Monday with Jana.   From her understanding and teaching,  according to our souls contract, we are all given several exit points’.  Yes, I’m talking about dying.  My soul had a contract with Scott and him with me – predestined.  He was on earth to learn certain lessons.   I’m on earth to learn certain lessons. Once he’d learned them,  and fulfilled his contract, there was no requirement for him to remain…or in some souls cases,  the nearest exit is taken for the human form and the lesson is carried forward into another life as unfinished business.

I noted in my blog that my feeling is that Scotty ‘chose’ to exit – it was a predestined exit point that was close.   The part of him that hasn’t  come to terms with his soul contract, is swirling around in that place between heaven and earth.  He doesn’t realise the peace and understanding that will be received by crossing.  It’s important to differentiate between Scotty’s ego and his Soul to really get to grips with this concept.  We all know that he would never leave me on purpose.  He loved his Poni and he was never shy to tell the world.

I need to note to everyone that Scotty was my world.  He was my cheerleading squad.  He was my biggest fan.  He allowed everyone to see my light when it was barely shining.  It’s hard to come to terms with losing that knowing it won’t be found again.

I took a moment here in my writing.  I paused as my chest tightened
I took a moment and looked into it.  I was feeling sorry for myself, sigh…because….big breath…I ‘know’ that he was my soul twin.  The only one.   There will be Soul connections, but none as profound as him.   So…LES… this is the truth that I have to work through every day.

My feeling hasn’t changed.  My feeling is that his sacrifice was for me.  My feeling is that his death was a lesson for me.  My feeling is that his death has made me a better person.   This is no surprise.   In my eulogy I promised him that my life going forward would be inspired by what I learned from him – his spontaneity, his passion for life,  his amazing network of friends who thought of him as their best friend, his carefree,  loving nature, big heart, generosity and his integrity.

I’m missing a key component in my healing process at the moment – communication (yes, with him)!  See the last paragraph of this blog!

Your path
Sorry I got completely sidetracked there and went off on a tangent. ..Do you ever have a day where everything goes wrong?  In fact you have that sense that what you’re doing is not fulfilling some deep requirement – you don’t feel satisfied?   For some people this is a feeling they have all their lives.   Simply – you are not on your path.   An easy way to identify your path is when you’re faced with options. The correct option will always give you a feeling of excitement, of delightful opportunities and fun!!!  A good way to practice this is to think about various aspects in your life and feel how your body responds.   Ma, for example,  feels butterflies in her tummy.  I get a similar feeling in my tummy accompanied by intense energy and excitement – like I’m going to explode.

I can’t remember exactly why I needed to talk about your path. .oh yes!! Devine order… you’ll never feel the sense of rightness until your correct path is followed,  your Devine order filled.. The universe will always send you signs.  Some are small.   Some are big.  All you have to do is listen.

Yesterday someone called me an earth angel (ah Jacqueline, it takes one to know one! ).  I know other earth Angels too.  My fabulous friend Ma is one of them.   I want to make this call out to her.   She is one of the most gentle loving people I know.   We’ve always been Soul Companions, slipping in and out of each others lives gracefully,  each of our paths and intuition crazily aligned despite many years of living in different countries with different life paths.   Ma has a daughter.   Her name is Maia.  Maia has severe ecezma and has had it pretty much from birth.  My soul and Ma’s have been talking to each other a lot lately.   Since being in Bali I’ve been receiving messages for her constantly.   She’s in my brain constantly.   I ‘know’ how she’ll feel about something before I ask.  Last night I needed to run an idea past her,  but it was a courtesy. .I already knew the answer.   I’ve added a link to her blog,  the ecezema diaries below.   If you know of anyone who has infants struggling with this chronic condition,  her blog is insightful,  funny and a warm chronicle into her life with many tidbits of information and lessons that may provide beneficial shortcuts to readers on a similar journey.

Earlier in the year, I needed assistance healing.  My body wasn’t responding to the usual exercise and healthy eating that I’d practiced over the years. I incorrectly thought it was my physical health that was compromised.  Everybody else knew it was the other one – emotional health!!! (Thanks for telling me – grrrr!!!) – The emotional stuff is much harder to deal with – for me anyway!

As a newbie to the world of angels, I started incorporating Archangel Michael into my reiki prayer.  I was pondering one afternoon that for the past week I’d felt amazing pizazz!!!  Really confident, strong mind, strength of purpose.  It wasn’t until a a conversation with Ma  that I realised I’d been inadvertently praying to the wrong angel.

Archangel Michael lends you support, courage, and confidence. He’ll boost your resolve to make healthy changes, as well as guide you to new opportunities and help you heal from past experiences.

Raphael is the angel of healing.   Doh!! So green…

So now I pray to 3 :
Michael for strength and courage
Raphael for healing – mind and body
Raziel for guidance and intuition

As Michael (my friend from Pure Wellbeing) would say,  Confidence and Competence. It’s hard to get anywhere without both!

Its no coincidence to me that Michael and the Saint Archangel Michael share the same name.  His life’s passion is to support and inspire people to have courage to face and conquer their fears,  those ones that have manifested themselves as physical ailments.  He is also the BME – Best Masseuse Ever!

Michael, I think it’s time that my readers received some of your wisdom.  I’d love to have your comments on this post!

I’ll finish this blog by saying that Scott has been in contact with my medium.  She emailed me yesterday to tell me he called through.  He was wild.   He woke her up with several messages for me.  I’ll have these tonight and look forward to sharing these with you.


1.The ecezma diaries


3. 



  1. Anonymous · October 29, 2014

    Your jourey seems somewhat complex to me young grasshopper!
    We have such powerfull minds and spirituality that are so underutilized. There is much to learn so do not rush it will take time. I would imagine that even a life time is not long enough.
    A quote for you
    “Time is a companion that goes with us on our journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment because it will never
    come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived”
    I am excited for you and my first blog ever!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kirsty Healey · October 29, 2014

      Hokey pokey robbie!!! Im blown away. Love love love the quote! !!! Love that you quoted Jean luc – Scotty would be pleased. And yes, in your infinite wisdom you are right. But also, so am I. Our journeys are personal. We invite issues in because there is a lesson that requires learning and it must come packaged in an a acceptable and palatable form for us to digest.

      I’ve come to learn that my lessons are not just mine they are everyone’s.

      Much love Poni xxxx


  2. Anonymous · October 29, 2014

    This is the challenge Kirs, many of us find “to listen”. Alot of us struggle just to stop and listen to what another person is saying, I mean really listen without our brain whirring away thinking how we are going to respond…big sigh my distraction is my family…a moments peace peoples!….I’m thinking…trying…I find now when someone is reaching out, I try and still myself and feel more the energy that is been generated more so than the words. This is the challenge the universe has when we are sooo busy and we need to find the space to become more aware so we can hear, see, pick up on those signs big and small. Proud of you Rob!! Mony

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kirsty Healey · October 29, 2014

      I see you.
      The moments peace is dictated by only one person! !

      Every day give yourself a gift – Mony time!

      One msg that has come through loud and clear is that people heal when they’re inspired. All you need to do is honour yourself and they will follow. How could they resist the awesomeness of’re like a magnet!


  3. mariaadlam · October 29, 2014

    Thanks so much for your kind words Kirst…truly humbled.
    I know now, that when we were kids having our big ‘deep and meaningfuls’, we were actually more ‘knowing’ than we realised. We had the ‘soul sisters’ thing happening then and now…30 years later it has resurfaced (with a vengeance :)) which is why I love the article on the terms for soul connections. Blessed to have you as my soul companion. Ma xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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